The word "BUT" is a conjunction that connects two contrasting or opposing ideas in a sentence. Here are several alternatives to the word "BUT," along with three samples of each:

1. However:
a) She studied hard for the exam; however, she didn't perform as well as she expected.
b) The weather forecast predicted rain; however, the sun is shining brightly today.
c) The restaurant had great ambiance; however, the food was disappointing.

2. Yet:
a) The movie was lengthy, yet it kept us engaged till the end.
b) He has been practicing for hours, yet he still can't master the guitar solo.
c) The company faced financial difficulties, yet managed to stay afloat.

3. Nevertheless:
a) The traffic was terrible; nevertheless, we arrived at the airport on time.
b) The team faced numerous challenges; nevertheless, they emerged victorious.
c) The hike was challenging; nevertheless, the breathtaking view made it worthwhile.

4. Nonetheless:
a) The movie received mixed reviews; nonetheless, it became a box office success.
b) She was tired after a long day at work; nonetheless, she attended the evening event.
c) The car had a few minor issues; nonetheless, it was a reliable vehicle.

5. Although:
a) Although it was raining, they decided to go for a walk in the park.
b) The restaurant was crowded, although they managed to find a table.
c) Although he is young, he has already achieved great success in his career.

6. On the other hand:
a) The movie received critical acclaim; on the other hand, the audience had mixed opinions.
b) Some people enjoy spicy food, while on the other hand, others prefer mild flavors.
c) The new smartphone has advanced features; on the other hand, it comes with a higher price tag.

7. Despite:
a) Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to volunteer at the local shelter.
b) He continued his studies despite facing numerous obstacles.
c) The team played exceptionally well despite the challenging weather conditions.

8. In contrast:
a) The first half of the book is intense, in contrast to the more lighthearted second half.
b) The new model offers better performance in contrast to its predecessor.
c) The movie's ending is heartwarming, in contrast to its bittersweet beginning.

9. Still:
a) The concert tickets were expensive, but we decided to buy them still.
b) The restaurant was busy, but they managed to find a table still.
c) The project faced delays, but they completed it on time still.

10. On the contrary:
a) Many expected the movie to flop, but on the contrary, it became a blockbuster.
b) She appeared to be shy; on the contrary, she was a confident public speaker.
c) The test looked easy, but on the contrary, it proved to be quite challenging.