The top 10 technology websites 2023


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Mar 15, 2023
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Here are the top 10 technology websites:

CNET - Known for its in-depth reviews and analysis of technology products and services, CNET is a go-to website for many tech enthusiasts.

TechCrunch - Focused on startups and new technology, TechCrunch is a leading source for breaking news and analysis of the tech industry.

Wired - A well-respected magazine with a strong online presence, Wired covers a range of technology topics, from gadgets and gaming to science and design.

The Verge - With a strong emphasis on consumer electronics and popular tech culture, The Verge provides in-depth reviews, news, and features.

Engadget - Another popular tech review site, Engadget covers the latest gadgets, gaming, and consumer electronics.

Ars Technica - A long-standing tech news site with a focus on science, policy, and security, Ars Technica provides in-depth analysis and commentary.

Mashable - Known for its social media coverage, it also covers technology news and analysis, focusing on how tech intersects with culture and society.

ZDNet - Focused on enterprise technology and IT news, ZDNet provides in-depth coverage of the latest software, security, and cloud computing developments.

Digital Trends - With a focus on consumer technology and entertainment, Digital Trends provides news, reviews, and guides for the latest gadgets, home entertainment, and gaming products.

PCMag - A trusted resource for technology buyers, PCMag provides in-depth reviews and comparisons of laptops, smartphones, and other consumer electronics.


  1. CNET -
  2. TechCrunch -
  3. Wired -
  4. The Verge -
  5. Engadget -
  6. Ars Technica -
  7. Mashable -
  8. ZDNet -
  9. Digital Trends -
  10. PCMag -