Vocabulary Lackingadaisical


A lackadaisical person sleeps on a couch, not seeming to care about anything


  • Lacking spirit or liveliness; sluggish.
  • Antonyms: energetic, lively, vigorous, spirited
  • Synonyms: apathetic, bored, carefree, languid, listless, nonchalant, phlegmatic, sleepy, supine, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, uninterested, weary
  • The lackadaisical student didn't seem to care about his grades.
  • The lackadaisical employee was always late for work.
  • The lackadaisical athlete didn't train hard enough and lost the competition.
  • The lackadaisical politician didn't seem to have any real plans for the country.
  • The lackadaisical driver was always getting into accidents.
  • Arabic: كسول (kasūl)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 懒散的 (lǎn sàn de)
  • Chinese (Traditional): 懶散的 (làn sǎn de)
  • French: nonchalant
  • German: phlegmatisch
  • Italian: apatico
  • Japanese: 無気力な (mukiryoku na)
  • Korean: 나른한 (na-reun-han)
  • Portuguese: desinteressado
  • Russian: вялый (vyalyj)
  • Spanish: despreocupado
  • Turkish: umursamaz