Vocabulary Discombobulate


"Discombobulate" is a verb that means to confuse, disconcert, or upset someone. It is a colloquial and informal word, often used in a humorous or lighthearted way.

The word "discombobulate" is derived from a combination of two words: "discompose" (meaning to disturb the composure of) and "bob" (meaning to move up and down).

Here are five different ways you could use the word "discombobulate" in a sentence:

1. The unexpected announcement discombobulated the entire team.
2. She was discombobulated by the sudden change of plans.
3. The complicated instructions discombobulated the new employee.
4. The loud noise from the construction work discombobulated the entire neighborhood.
5. The confusing directions discombobulated the tourists and they got lost.

Here are translations of the word "discombobulate" in 10 different languages:

1. Arabic: اربك (arbak)
2. French: déconcerter
3. Spanish: desconcertar
4. German: verwirren
5. Italian: sconcertare
6. Portuguese: desconcertar
7. Russian: сбивать с толку (sbivat' s tolku)
8. Chinese: 使困惑 (shǐ kùnhuò)
9. Japanese: 当惑させる (tōwaku saseru)
10. Hindi: उलझाना (uljhaana)