A hungry bear entered their garage. Meet the reaction of a couple in California at 3 am.


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Mar 15, 2023

Nicole and Larry Colom woke up to an unexpected alarm at 2 am. The alarm came from the security camera in their home, and the couple was surprised to find a bear in the garage of their home located in the town of Arnold in Calaveras County, California! 🤯

The garage door was left open by mistake, and Nicole recounts that the bear was extremely large. The couple talked about seeing bears in the town before but not in such close proximity.

Nicole says the bear was close to her and could have caused damage. She also confirms that the bear was definitely not afraid of her.

Some believe that the main reason for this is the high snow-covered plants, where bears come down the hill and "instinctively" search for food. This is also what Larry and Colom think.

The couple believes the bear wanted their trash can to eat from. In the end, the couple promised not to forget to close the doors again.