10 Examples of How to Use the Phrase 'Don't Interfere'

Here are five examples of how to use the phrase "don't interfere":

1. Please don't interfere while I'm cooking dinner, it will only make things more difficult.
2. If you don't have anything helpful to say, please don't interfere with the team's progress.
3. I know you mean well, but please don't interfere with my parenting decisions.
4. It's important that we don't interfere with the natural ecosystem of this park by feeding the animals.
5. The best thing you can do in this situation is to let me handle it and not interfere.

Here are five more examples of how to use the phrase "don't interfere":

1. The new manager shouldn't interfere with the established procedures until they've been properly trained.
2. It's important that you don't interfere with the evidence at a crime scene, as it could compromise the investigation.
3. We need to make sure that our personal biases don't interfere with our ability to make fair and objective decisions.
4. Please don't interfere with the computer system while the technician is working on it.
5. It's not your place to interfere in other people's relationships, even if you think you're helping.

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Here are the translations of the phrase "don't interfere" in 10 different languages:

1. Arabic: لا تتدخل (la tatadakhul)
2. Chinese (Simplified): 不要干涉 (bù yào gān shè)
3. French: ne pas interférer (ne pah in-tair-fair)
4. German: nicht eingreifen (nicht ein-grei-fen)
5. Hindi: हस्तक्षेप न करें (hastakṣep na karen)
6. Italian: non interferire (non in-ter-fe-ri-re)
7. Japanese: 干渉しないでください (kanshō shinaide kudasai)
8. Portuguese: não interferir (não in-ter-fe-rir)
9. Russian: не вмешивайтесь (ne vmeshivaytes')
10. Spanish: no interferir (no in-ter-fe-rir)

All of these translations convey the same meaning of advising someone not to get involved or meddle in a particular situation.