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    What is the TOR program?

    What is the TOR program? The TOR program is a network of volunteer-run servers that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. TOR stands for "The Onion Router," and it works by encrypting your traffic and routing it through multiple servers before it reaches its destination. This makes it...
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    What is the difference between web2 and web3?

    Web2 and Web3 are the second and third generations of the World Wide Web, respectively. Web2 is the current version of the web, which is characterized by its centralized nature. Web3 is a proposed successor to Web2 that is designed to be decentralized and more user-centric. Here are some of the...
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    Meta's P92: A Decentralized Social Network That Could Shake Up the Industry

    Game On, Musk! Facebook Parent Could Launch Decentralized Twitter Rival In Summer 2023 In a move that could shake up the social media landscape, Facebook parent Meta is reportedly planning to launch a decentralized Twitter rival in the summer of 2023. The new platform, codenamed "P92," would...